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Any replacement head includes a lid, batteries, a battery cover, infra-red motion sensor & control panel. It is the complete unit.

Before process your warranty claim, please go through the following troubleshooting process...

1. Have you tried replacing with the batteries?

The battery life ought to be 10,000 open/close cycles. However, even if your batteries are young, they could be faulty and not the bin.
Duracell is the best brand to use and have a well-known reputation of being the best. If you haven't already done so, please try new batteries.

2. Please reset your Bin

To do this, either switch it off at the switch and back on again and hold the "close" button down for 10 seconds. Wait another few seconds for configuration and see if it now works.

3. Please try to move your bin

Often a dysfunctional AutoBin is resolved by moving it. Why is this?

It maybe that something is interfering with the infra-red signal. Ensure that your bin is not in the direct path of a light source especially sunlight. Also away from sources of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) like right next to your internet modem.

If you believe that you are still in need of a new unit after testing the above points, then by all means proceed to claim your replacement head on this page.


Simply select the make and model from the above list / drop down menu.


( A £19.95 charge is applied to cover admin costs, post & packaging.)

Specifications & Features

Manufacturer Autobin


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