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Our 42L stainless steel bin has an elegant oval shaped brushed stainless steel body with a silent closing sensor lid. The lid opens automatically on approach and closes itself after 3 seconds.

With the lid open the height is only 793mm, making this ideal to be used underneath kitchen worktops and counters. Its compact design that’s sleek, tapered and flat back makes this model to be placed anywhere within the household without a huge footprint.

It isn’t just the versatile size that makes the 42 litre stainless steel waste bin an excellent choice – it is also the hygiene benefits. The auto bin design means that it promotes a more sanitary environment, wherever you choose to place it. The sensor that each automatic sensor waste bin is equipped with is designed to recognise the movement of the user, so when you place your hand, for example, in front of the sensor (located at the front of the bin) it sends a message to the lid which then opens automatically. This only takes half a second to happen, so the effect of your movement is practically instantaneous, ideal for busy environments unlike other sensor devices which can take a few seconds to detect and react to movement. The bin lid then closes tightly after 3 seconds, plenty of time for you to deposit the waste inside. The lid traps any odours inside and because you haven’t had to touch it, your hands and the bin are left cleaner than if you had had physical contact with it. If you want the bin to stay open for longer, simply use the manual button which keeps the bin open for as long as you want.

The bag retaining ring inside the stainless steel bin is designed to make it less likely that your bin liner falls, slips or sags down inside the bin. This can lead to spills inside the bin, awkward attempts to lift the bag back up (which invariably lead to splitting and more mess!). The ring holds your bin liner fast so that it is secure. This is one of the innovations that our customers appreciate most – it makes changing the bag easier and does away with unsightly plastic bag ends sticking out from the bin.

The stainless steel waste bin is made from the very best high grade stainless steel and finished with a brushed steel look that is both stylish and subtle, the bins are often complimented on their streamlined look, the modern styling and the easy to clean finish that makes them so easy to maintain. The body of the bin is fingerprint resistant and doesn’t smear or streak; so once it has a quick clean it stays looking fresh for longer.

Specifications & Features


42 Litre Stainless Steel Waste Bin

  • Motion sensor automatic lid
  • Premium Brushed stainless steel – No Finger Marks
  • Bag retaining ring Holder – uses any Bin liners 
  • Hides and secures the bin bag
  • Tapered design to prevents bin bag stick
  • Manual override open and close buttons
  • Power saving for long battery life
  • Perfect height to be used underneath a kitchen counter
  • 610mm (H closed) 793mm (H open) 
  • 290mm (depth) 
  • 412mm (width) 
  • Weight: 4.50kg
Manufacturer NineStars


Customer Reviews

Great bin, no regrets!
My friend first told me about this bin and I was sceptical but I read more about it and found out that it's actually quite a popular product. I got mine a few days ago and it’s been working perfectly fine, the sensor makes it so smart and the capacity is exactly what my family needed. Review by Carol
stainless steel waste bin
It works really great, the sensor is incredible. I thought it would be more sensitive and was afraid that the bin would be opening when not required but I was wrong, it works fine Review by PaulL.
It fulfills the description
This bin really lived up to my expectations, it arrived sooner than I expected and has been working perfectly ever since Review by Millie
stainless steel bin
I read on the internet about this hygienic autobin and I was pretty amazed by its technology so I decided to purchase it. I’m still impressed by how helpful it is, also its brushed finishes make it just so stylish Review by Sarah
Great purchase
The design is cool, it works perfectly and it has just the right capacity. Is my first autobin ever and I’m very happy with it, totally recommend it. Review by Martin
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