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Fantastic value and dedicated to making your everyday life so much easier, the 50L smart bins in the round, cylindrical shape is clearly one of our popular sellers. The 50 litre capacity stainless steel automatic sensor bin is a stylish choice with a brushed stainless steel finish that gives it a soft sheen and a modern, high-end look that will compliment your context, wherever you need it.

By making use of our ground-breaking infra-red sensor, this smart bin operates completely touch-free. Just the movement of your hand is all that is required to open it so effectively there is no need to make physical contact with the dustbin at all. This keeps the bin cleaner for longer and it also makes it easier for you to get the rubbish into the bin using both hands rather than struggling to keep the lid open while you fill the bin

When the smart bins open automatically, the lid closely again after 3 seconds. If you want the smart bins to remain open for longer (for example when scraping plates into it or sorting through waste for recycling etc.), you can use the manual open/close button which will hold the lid open until you push the button again, at which point it will close. Each sensor bin makes use of clever Silenx technology; this means that the lid opens and closes quietly. Remember the clatter that your old pedal bin used to make everything you released the pedal and let the lid crash down to a closed position? That crashing is a thing of the past with Silenx technology. A well-fitting lid that closes tightly means you can keep the area around the bin cleaner and keep any odours inside the bin where they belong.

One of the simplest and most inventive aspects of the sensor bin range is the addition of the bag retaining ring. This makes the sensor bin a much more effective and hygienic choice for waste disposal. The bag retaining ring eliminates spills and slips that cause mess in the bottom of the bin, taking away just one of those niggling domestic chores that none of us enjoy – cleaning out the bin. They are ideal for schools and nurseries, where they can be easily used by children. They also work very well in contexts where hygiene and cross contamination are important issues such as doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, vets’ practices, residential homes and similar settings. The catering trade can also benefit from the intelligent technology and ease of use represented by the sensor bins. All over the country people are benefitting from clever solutions to the issue of dealing with waste effectively with hygiene and aesthetics in mind.

Specifications & Features

  • 100% "Hands-Free" operation Smart Bins
  • "Germ-Free" - Prevents cross-contamination
  • Premium Grade Stainless Steel with brushed finish
  • Manual over-ride buttons -"open" and "close" for disposing of larger waste
  • Removable hard ABS plastic head for ease of cleaning
  • Bag retaining ring included as standard
  • Takes 4 x D-sized batteries - Low energy-consumption - Battery Life of up to 24 months
  • Height: 906mm (with lid open), 686mm (with lid closed)
  • Depth: 372mm; Width 265mm
  • Gross Weight: 4.90kg
Manufacturer NineStars


Customer Reviews

Innovative and Classy
This bin combines perfectly the elegance and technology, it goes pretty well with my kitchen and I don’t even have a specific kitchen design! Review by BillieP
nice bin
back in my days there were only plastic bins or some rustic metal ones but nothing like this sensor bins, I got this one and is awesome Review by pete
Glad I got this one
Even my child enjoys using this stainless steel automatic sensor bin! We all are amazed at how innovative it is and the design goes perfectly with my kitchen. Review by Cris86
Works fine.
I haven’t had any problems with mine, the sensor and the lid work perfectly. I’d love this same model in blue! Review by Laura.
Smart Bins
These bins are really impressive. I got one and it makes everything easier, I can’t believe I don´t have to touch the lid anymore, I feel like my kitchen is already more hygienic. Review by JessGH

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