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20 Litre Toe Tap Series Stainless Steel Autobin

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20 Litre Toe Tap Series Stainless Steel Autobin



No matter where we are, at home, work or office we are always engaged in the process of waste disposal. We love our families and certainly do our best to dis-engage with experimenting with germs, and potential health issues do with the spread of diseases and infections.

Here at smart autobins, we understand and acknowledge we need to deliver hygiene solution that protects everyone.

The challenge is seeking for new ways of dealing with waste disposal that's different to current hands touch-free, motion sensors activations bins! While they address all the hygiene concerns and convenience of the latest features, there remains a select sector of the audience that's very foot /step pedal-driven.

Introducing for the 1st time, The Toe-Tap Sensor bin. Fulfilling the latest technology and features in replacing standard pedal, step on waste bins.

By tapping the foot button, these actives the opening of the bin, subject to no further interaction, after 6 seconds, the lid closes, automatically. The closure is quite and softly, not drawing any attention.

However, should you need to use the garbage bin for more prolonged use, such as scrapping of the food plates, Push & hold foot tap button in the push action. After a few seconds, you will notice the sensor lights are off, indicating that the lid is in the permanently open position.

to release the lock position, only By tapping or quick kick at the foot button, the lid top will close!

The semi-round shape has a flatback allowing the wastebin to be placed against walls, kitchen cupboards or simply free standing. While the design is compact and sleek, the capacity of this model is an excellent 20 litres. Its supplied with an removable inner ring holder to prevent bag drop, hiding of the ugly hangover & for easy of removal.

This space-saving design, the semi-circular shape, is ideal for commercial offices, toilet, bedrooms, home office and kitchen.

The toe tap trash can is constructed from 430 grade; stainless matt brushed silver steel, that's fingerprint, rust and water-resistant. It uses

2 x AA size batteries power the trashcan; if the unit is used 24 times a day, the batteries will last approximately 14 months before the change.

The Toe Tap sensor bin, the new generation of smart autobin that now replaces traditional, step on pedal bins.

Specifications and features

Features - New foot activated sensor waste bin, opens & closes Automatically
- Brushed stainless Silver Steel that’s fingerprint and rust resistant
- Removable inner ring holder to prevent bag drop, hiding of the ugly hangover & for easy of removal
- Uses 2 x AA size Batteries, lasting upto 14 months
- New space saving semi-round design
- Pet and children proof
- Soft and silent closing bin lid
Specifications Size: 20 Liters
Dimensions: 27.5x30.6x43.2cm
Weight: 1.77kg
Batteries: 2 x AA size batteries
Material: Stainless Steel and ABS Plastic
Manufacturer ninestars
  • removable
    ring liner
  • removable
    bucket liner
  • quiet
  • removable
    motion senor
  • soft
  • open / close

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