At Smart Autobin, as we continue our journey exploring new opportunities in bringing forward new technologies, this has been challenging! The hands touch free sensor motion has certainly captured audiences across the world, yet we feel there are a % that's still are persistent in using pedal bins.

We are proud to announce the launch the worlds first sensor Toe Tap waste bin.

Tap with your foot at the bottom of the bin, drop the trash in and simply move away. Should you need to engage for more extended periods, push the tap button in a forward position to lock the lid open. When finished with disposing of the waste, tap once again to reactive the sensor opening and closing.

The Toe tap Bins are available in three capacities, 12L, 20L and the sizeable 50L capacity. The Toe Tap Series is stylish, in a semi-circular shape with a flatback hence snuggs against, walls, kitchen cupboards and end of worktop isle.

It is finished in brushed stainless steel that's fingerprint and rustproof. It uses an inner ring holder allowing the use of any bin bag liner preventing bag drop and hiding of the ugly bin liner hangover.

Welcome to the next generation of Rubbish Bin Technology.

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3 Item(s)