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Bringing to you the 30-Litre /50-Litre Stainless Steel Autobin with Inner Bucket

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Quick Overview

Autobin has become an essential part of many homes and offices. The Phantom Series smart bins have a dual capacity of either 30-Litres or 50-Litres depending upon the usage and the requirements of the user.

Made from commercial-grade stainless steel, the high-performance Phantom Series bin will give any environment an ultra-modern look and feel. The compact and convenient dustbin is designed to make your life easier without compromising on style.

Loaded with advanced features, the Phantom Series smart bins are practical and will provide essential hygiene for the user.




Introducing the Phantom Series stainless steel Autobin with an inner bucket. The smart bin has a dual capacity of either 30-Litres or 50-Litres. The user is able to expand or contract the size of the bin depending on the usage.

The infrared smart bin is rectangular in shape and has a slim-lined in design making it ideal to fit into areas where space is restricted or limited. The lid of the bin differs from traditional bins and opens from the middle, based on butterflies wings. This feature is useful when there is limited height clearance for the lid such as under worktops.

Smart features included on the Phantom Series include a dual infrared sensor automatic butterfly opening lid. The infrared lid is programmed to open when the sensor detects the movement of a user to within ten inches of the lid. The mechanised lid will remain open for up to five seconds or until the user moves out of range of the sensor. After which, the lid will effortlessly close shut using the ‘soft-close’ motion trapping smells within the bin.

Installed on the lid is a manual override button that can keep the lid of the bin open for longer periods, such as when the user needs to change the bin liner or when disposing of large quantities of waste.

The outside of the smart bin is made from premium brushed stainless steel. The infrared bin is fingerprint-proof, scratch-proof and resistant to stains making the bin easy to clean and maintain a spotless exterior.

To make life easier, we have installed a removable inner-bucket within the bin to help make bin liner changes effortless. The inner-bucket can be removed easily using the handles. The inner-bucket hold-in any waste should the bin liner split or should any garbage water’ leak from the bin liner.

The base of the bin is fitted with an anti-skid plastic that will stop the bin from leaving any marks or scratches on your floor.

Specifications and features

Features ● Dual capacity of 30-Litres /50-Litres
● Brushed stainless steel finish
● Fingerprint, stain and smudge-proof
● Inner bucket uses less space
● Manual override button
● Uses 6 x AA batteries for operating the lid
● Non-skid base
Specifications Product dimensions: D: 37 cm X W: 25 cm X H: 62.4 cm
Materials: 430 Stainless Steel with ABS plastic LID
Batteries: 6 X AA size batteries (not Included)
Manufacturer EKO
  • removable
    ring liner
  • removable
    bucket liner
  • quiet
  • removable
    motion senor
  • soft
  • open / close

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