PHANTOM SERIES Autobin Phantom – Super Slimline Design

At Smart Autobin, we take pride in listening and addressing every need for waste disposal. In today's modern homes and small restricted spaces, the need for rectangular, slimline and narrow shapes grow in demand.

While we acknowledge this, we employee out-side-the-box ideas in introducing bin lids with different opening styles, capitalising the space and features of a waste storage unit.

We are happy to announce the launch of the Phantom Series Smart Auto Bins. Our butterfly Smart Autobin has an innovative butterfly lid design that opens from the center for maximum clearance under low kitchen countertops. The slim, space-efficient shape makes the most of tight spaces. The patented butterfly opening lid sensor technology ensure the bin will function smoothly and quietly for years.

Our 2019 models are available, 30/50L, 45/70L and 40/70L recycling. Due to its flat shape design, it Snuggs against fridges, kitchen worktops or solely at the end of the countertop isle.

Made from premium stainless brushed steel, the Smart Autobins are fingermark, rust and waterproof.

The Phantom Series is certainly eye-pleasing, modern and elegant in most placements.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)