PERFECT SERIES Autobin Perfect - It's Good to be Square

Introducing the Perfect Series of Smart Autobin. This 35/50L Perfect Series model, 30cm square, a shape that's elegant, sleek and slimline in design. The Smart Autobin utilises intelligent sensor mechanisms to make the disposal of rubbish hygienic, that's hands-touch-mess free engagement.

This model uses 4x AA batteries that powers this model of the automatic bin; if used 20 times a day, this will last up to 12 months before the change.

It offers a digital display indicating the opening and counts down of the closing of the lid. As across the range of sensor Smart Autobins, it also provides a manual override.

This storage unit comes supplied with an inner removal bucket that holds a capacity of 35 litres, however, should you not use the inner pail, the unit is also provided with an outer bag ring holder that allows the use of any standard bin bags, increasing the capacity to 50 litres.

These bins are constructed with high-quality brushed stainless matt steel that is rust & fingerprint-resistant. The slimline shape helps this Smart Autobin to be placed in narrow, restricted spaces hence capitalising opportunities for waste disposal in limited surroundings.

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)