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Replacement Ring For The 50 Litre and 42 Litre Oval Plus Series Autobin

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Replacement ring serve the purpose of holding the bin bag in its place without letting it sink inside the bin. This replacement has been designed specifically for the 50 & 42-litre Autobin which belongs to the Oval Plus Series made up of the stainless steel.

The rigidity is credited to the hard ABS plastic which has been used in the manufacture. It is capable of fitting in the bin perfectly and prevents any sort of garbage from falling out.

The manufacturer for this product is Autobin who are a renowned producer of the accessories required for use in association with the motion-activated infrared sensor Autobin.



The Replacement Ring for the 50 litres and 42 litres Oval Plus Series Autobin has been specifically designed to keep the bin liner in place and stop it from sagging or slipping into the bin.

Over time we understand that the retaining ring can get damaged or broken, so rather than replacing your entire Autobin, you can replace the retaining ring to prolong the life of your Autobin.

The Replacement Bag Retaining Ring is designed to fit either 50 litres or 42 litres Oval Plus Series Autobin.

Our research has shown that one of the most common problems with traditional bins, is the mess that occurs when bin liners have slipped or the contents have spilled to the bottom of the bin.

Bin liners falling to the bottom of the bin can occur when the weight of the waste is too heavy or a bin liner is not properly secured in place.

Most bins do not have a method for securing a bin liner in place and often slip or fall to the bottom of the bin once the waste is added or the bin lid is opened.

Our replacement ring combats this issue by holding the bin liner in place. The simple yet effective retaining ring holder will securely hold your bin liner or bin bag in place without nasty spills at the bottom of the bin.

Autobins are designed and built to last. The bag retaining ring is both resilient and durable.

We have a selection of spare and replacement parts available to purchase so you can keep your bin working at its very best year after year.

The ring is easy to fit, easy to change and after you have used the Retaining Ring once, it would be very difficult to go back to using a bin without a retaining ring and how it makes disposing of your waste more easier.

The Retaining Ring hides the bin liner, so visually you nor your guests will see the overhang of the bag.

The Retaining Ring is able to fit:
- 42 Litre Oval Series Stainless Steel Autobin
- 50 Litre Oval Series Stainless Steel Autobin

CAUTION: Please take careful note,
Our replacement heads and accessories ONLY fit our own brand of products. Whilst they may seem similar or identical look BUT they will not fit brands that are not manufactured by us.
To avoid such mistakes that could work out costly and inconvenience, we recommend the following steps:
1. Under each lid, please check for a reference
2. Refer to our model chart and range
3. Please note the following brands that will fit:
4. Email us an image of your complete bin, our email ID:
5. If still in doubt, please email or call us direct on 0333 220 5471

Specifications and features

Features - Replacement bag retaining ring to prevent bin liners dropping into the bin
- Designed to be used in conjunction with the quiet lid which uses the New Silenx Technology ™
- Suitable for use with the 50 litre and 42 Litre Oval Plus Series
- Keeps the bin liner out of sight
- Made from high-grade ABS Plastic to give a strong and snug fit that lasts.
  • removable
    ring liner
  • removable
    bucket liner
  • quiet
  • removable
    motion senor
  • soft
  • open / close

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