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Presenting the 70L high capacity Recycling bin with 2 different compartments

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Now enhance your kitchen’s appearance with this Oval Plus Recycling series bin with an automatic lid. The high-performance bin made from stainless steel and fabricated for better performance and durability. The sharp looks of this smart bin will make it convenient for you to throw away recyclables and other types of garbage. Now there is no need to touch the garbage bin, as the lid will open itself when it senses your hand from 10 inches away, cool, right?

Not only practical in your home, but you can also keep it in your office for a more professional look.



We know that in modern houses everything has to look flawless, clean and tidy. That is why we have introduced this 70-litre garbage bin with several tech-efficient features.

Starting with the infrared motion sensors, a technology which will protect you from the incidence of contagious infections spread by the everyday trash bins in our houses. The bin will remain open for 5 seconds and then it will close automatically.

We have also embedded the patented Silenx Technology, a trademarked technology which ensures a silent operation of the lid. The benefit of this technology is that your hands will always remain aloof from direct contact with the dustbin.

A slim body, curved design and sleek body of this trash bin look elegant. Perfect for everyday use in your home you will find that the outer body is non-corrosive and made to be fingerprint-proof. We have taken care of the fact that the pets may not scratch the outer surface and have made this bin to resistant to such scratches and marks.

There are two 35L bins inside one, both the compartments are separated from within, but both of them have a common lid. There is signage outside the bin telling which side has recyclable waste and which has other sorts of garbage.

Specifications and features

Features Higher Capacity means the ability to hold up to 70L of garbage.
Ease in sorting your recyclables
Stainless steel body does not corrode and looks elegant
You need to put in four D sized batteries for operating the lid
Want to hold the lid for longer? Make sure to use the manual Open/close controls
2 X Retaining rings will ensure that the trash bags do not lose their grip and drop inside the bin
No Odour, no foul smell and no contaminants can trespass the automatic lid
Specifications Product dimensions: D: 33cm X W: 54.1cm X H: 66.5cm
Materials: 430 Stainless Steel with ABS plastic LID
Weight: 5.21KG
Batteries: 4 x D size batteries
Manufacturer NineStars
  • removable
    ring liner
  • removable
    bucket liner
  • quiet
  • removable
    motion senor
  • soft
  • open / close

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