Introducing for the 1st time in 2019, the Oblong Series. Based on the same footprint of the Oval Series, the new model offers two options, The 50L and 50-litre recycling kitchen waste bin.

The 50L recycling kitchen waste bin has two individual compartments. One side is 20L for general waste, and the other is 30L for recyclables.

This new model now comes with an Abs Plastic Black cover lid with a stainless-steel body that's fingerprint and rust-resistant.

As expected from Smart Autobin, the new model deliveries the latest technology with many new features making the use of the rubbish bin durable, pleasant and comfortable.

The opening entry to the bin is more substantial, to make waste disposal easier. By concealing and not exposing the hinge mechanism, this has improved the performance with a smoother, silent and soft-close operation, while cleaning and maintenance have become much more manageable.

The senor bin lid now has a single touch switch button, for manual and overriding the automatic opening and closing lid.

The Oblong Series is elegant, whilst retaining its classic looks, ideal in any commercial, home and household.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)