MIRAGE SERIES Autobin Mirage – Style, Form and Function

For that ultimate modern look, this Smart Autobin Mirage Series has a minimal, intelligent solid stainless steel body with a fingerprint-proof finish, making it an ideal family kitchen bin and office rubbish litter bin. The durable black plastic smart sensor lid opens with a wave of your hand and closes automatically when you leave. It has manual override buttons with digital display to indicate the closing time.

It offers a flat back rectangular shape that snugs against walls, kitchen cupboards or simply at the end of a worktop isle. The Mirage Series is slightly wider, with a big opening for waste disposal and not so deep, so it fits ideal into a kitchen corner or flat against a wall. As with the whole Autobin range, our new models are motion sensor activated and silent closing too.

The Mirage Series accommodates various options of sizes; Our 2019 models are available, 30/50L, 45/70L and 40/70L recycling.

The Mirage series is the most attractive, elegant and eye-pleasing shape that fits into any placement of use for waste disposal.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)