MAXI SERIES Autobin Maxi – When Size Means Everything

The Maxi series, 80-litre capacity, from Smart Autobin, is the largest in the ranges of autobins.

Cleverly designed on the footprint of the Oval series, the 80L retains a discrete preference in any commercial or home environment. The height is kept very similar to the 50L Model, and by merely increasing the depth and width, this allows the more substantial capacity of waste storage within the unit.

Its elegance is made from 430-grade Metal, stainless matt steel, that's fingermark and rustproof. It offers a unique taper design that allows the removal of bin bag change with ease and without sticking to the body of the trash can.

The Maxi-Series further offers a ring bag holder, and this allows the use of any black bin sack while preventing the liner drop and hiding of the ugly hangover.

The 80L Maxi Series offers two options, as a single bin or the largest recycling twin compartment recycling waste bin. The spilt division is 40L + 40L for your general waste and recyclables.

The touchless, automatic lid offers a smooth, quiet and soft-close operation.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)