Have you ever heard of a bin being spoken about excitingly and positively? Well, people are always "gossiping" nicely about our Smart Auto Sensor Bins, especially our Ladybird bin.

Our new & latest innovation for 2019. The Ladybird series automatic bins have a unique opening and closing of the lid. Its opens like wings, sides ways.

This has many benefits, such as using the larger 50L capacity underneath the kitchen worktop. This also dis-engages people slumming and harshly closing of the trash can lid cover.

It’s made from premium quality stainless brushed steel, offering fingerprint and a rustproof body.

The Ladybird series offers three sizes within a range, the 2L, 12L and 50 litres.

Our most popular seller has been the small 2L countertop food caddy. It offers multiple usages. Generally used for sink worktop for food waste, knick-knacks and used teabags. However, it has been successfully used as a pet bowl for keeping the food or water fresh, especially in summer, preventing flies laying eggs in the food and keeping the odours within. It comes with a removal aluminum inner tray for ease of cleaning.

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)