CYLINDER SERIES Conventional Cylinder Design with a Touchless Advanced Sensor

The Smart Autobin Cylinder Classic Series comprises of two traditional round kitchen bin models – the 32L and the 50L.

Unlike traditional cylinder bins, the Autobin utilizes motion sensor technology. By merely approaching the rubbish bin, it senses your presence hence it opens. Once you have finished disposing of your trash, the bin lid closes quietly, smoothly and softly.

The benefits are enormous, assisting & controlling hygiene sensibly. The kitchen sensor bin is made from metal, brushed stainless steel, that offers fingermark and a rustproof body.

It is ideally used in the kitchen, home office, utility, or the office. The Autobin Cylinder uses standard bin liners with the assistance of the plastic ring sack holder, hiding and preventing bag drop.

The energy-saving technology means the batteries can last up to 14 months before the change. The Cylinder Series has the classic elegant looks that fit in any placement.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)