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50 Litre Smart Autobin Oblong stainless steel kitchen waste bin with self-opening and closing lid

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50 Litre Oblong Series Stainless Steel Autobin



50L Smart Autobin, sensor-operated slim design waste paper dustbin is ideal for any home or office. The lid will automatically open when your hands are detected within sensor range, preventing cross-contamination from germs. The trash can feature an infrared motion sensor that detects when your hand or garbage is within 10 inches of the infrared sensor. No hands, No Mess, No fuss.

This automatic wastebin comes with a ABS black plastic lid, that opens and closes quietly. It closes softly whilst sealing in all the odours. Durable stainless-steel construction provides a classic look, easy clean-up, and protection from rust and water damage.

The Smart Auto bin, matt silver metal dust bin, operates with 2 x D batteries (not included) and can be opened and closed approximately 10,000 times before needing battery replacement. Also included is a ring holder to retain the bin bag without dropping, while hiding the ugly bag hangover. You shall be pleased to learn, no special bin bags are required, simply use any black bin liners as the retaining bag holder will allow easy adjustments with height and hiding of the bin liner.

Durable s/steel construction is coated with select chemicals preventing finger-mark prints while delivering a classic yet elegant look — easy maintenance & cleaning process.

With its unique shape and slimline design, the Smart Autobin can be placed in any environments giving it the final finish to the room.

Buy with confidence as the full range of the smart autobins is supplied with a 10-year warranty.

Specifications and features

Features - Hands-Touch and Pedal free electronic waste bin.
- Infrared Motion activated sensor bin that opens quietly and with soft close.
- Internal ring holder, that allows the bag to hide, prevents bag drop and use of any standard bin bag liners.
- Features Manual opening and closing override, also allowing a switch off mode to prevents pets or children playing with the kitchen gadget!
- With 10’000 openings and closing, the battery life will last-up-to 14 months.
- Waterproof and rust-free construction that’s also fingerprint proof for easy maintenance.
Specifications Size: 50 Liters
Dimensions: 28.8 cm × 41.6 cm × 67.1 cm
Weight: 3.23 kg
Batteries: 2 Type "D"
Material: Stainless Steel and ABS Plastic
Manufacturer ninestars
  • removable
    ring liner
  • removable
    bucket liner
  • quiet
  • removable
    motion senor
  • soft
  • open / close

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