50 Litre Original Series Stainless Steel Autobin

50 Litre Original Series Stainless Steel Autobin
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I’ve used these bins for over 12 years, they are a bit like a heated car seat in cold climates, once you’ve had one you don’t want to be without it.

In the case of the AutoBin it’s so much better than a peddle bin as you can approach the bin with one hand of rubbish, or even two, and you don’t have to carefully position yourself so that you can accurately press a foot peddle. Literally, as you get close to the lid it opens ready for you to easily drop your handful or two of bits into the bin. The opening is big enough for typical kitchen waste and general items.

I have the 50l model so the inner bag doesn’t need changing often. The retaining ring makes it easy to secure a standard bin liner and the bin shape design means the bag doesn’t cling to itself. When you put a new bag in it looks like this is not the case but as if fills the bag becomes the size of the bin.

Being stainless steel it looks good too, all that’s needed is the occasional wipe with a damp paper towel using a good clear kitchen cleaner. While not too heavy it’s substantial enough to take the odd knock.

If I had a bigger kitchen I’d use the recycling AutoBins now available. A very small countertop AutoBin might be a good idea to replace the inside food waste one the council supplied before adding to the outside food bin.

I’m lucky enough to have a local council that no longer buries non-recyclable waste but reclaims metals and burns the rest to make electricity emitting no harmful byproducts - all independently monitored with the locals just sometimes seeing a few white clouds and no smell. Review by Alan
I have been using autobins for 15 years. Can't live without them. Review by Louis Lemieux

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