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Replacement Rings For The 70 Litre 3 Compartment Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin

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Quick Overview

Replacement Ring constructed for the 70-Litre Autobin that consists of 3 compartments and belongs to the recycling range.

The Replacement Ring fits the Oval Plus Series bin, manufactured and designed by Autobin to prevent the sagging or slipping of the bin liner.

This can be used in case of any damage or loss to the original one. Strong and rigid, these rings provide the required support to your Autobin in an efficient manner.



We have made the Replacement Rings to keep the bin liner in its place and to prevent the bin liner falling inside the bin. The replacement is manufactured with high-quality ABS plastic which provides its rigidity and strength to last longer and hold the bin bag completely open.

The 70-litre Oval Plus Recycling Series has been designed to fit in each of the three separate compartments of the bin liners. The rings make it perfectly safe to carry out the waste without causing any cross-contamination in the surrounding area.

The Replacement Rings are lightweight and do not exert much pressure on the bin bag. The rings are strong enough to prevent the bin bag from being displaced.

Often when parts get broken the whole unit is thrown away and the user will have to buy an entire new bin.

To help reduce waste going to landfill or incinerators, you could replace the Retaining Ring and your Autobin will get many more years of use.

The Oval Plus Recycling Series has been designed with the perfect combination of technology and art.

These are not only equipped with the latest tech features but are a treat for the eyes as well. Each of our products is unique in its own way and are recommended rated by our consumers.

A common problem with bins is they cause a lot of mess when they spill and can become a source of dispersal of microorganisms, leading to the spread of infectious diseases.

The ring is the perfect solution to all the problems faced during the dumping of garbage into bins, they are easy to maintain, increase the durability of the product, keep the waste securely intact and easing the changing of bin liners.

Our range of replacement parts makes the Autobin a more robust and cost-effective product over time.

CAUTION: Please take careful note.
Our replacement heads and accessories ONLY fit our own brand of products. Whilst they may seem similar or identical look BUT they will not fit brands that are not manufactured by us.
To avoid such mistakes that could work out costly and inconvenience, we recommend the following steps:
1. Under each lid, please check for a reference
2. Refer to our model chart and range
3. Please note the following brands that will fit:
Nine Stars
4. Email us an image of your complete bin, our email ID:
5. If still in doubt, please email or call us direct on 0333 220 5471

Specifications and features

Features - Replacement bag retaining rings to prevent bin liners dropping into the bin
- Designed to be used in conjunction with the quiet lid which uses the New Silenx Technology ™
- Suitable for use with the 70 Litre Triple Compartment Oval Plus Recycling Series Autobin
- Keeps the bin liner out of sight
- Made from high-grade ABS Plastic to give a strong and snug fit that lasts.
Manufacturer ninestars
  • removable
    ring liner
  • removable
    bucket liner
  • quiet
  • removable
    motion senor
  • soft
  • open / close

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