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Replacement Head For The 12 Litre Oval Plus Series Autobin

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Quick Overview

- Motion sensor using New "Eagle Eye" Technology™

- Dust and dirt resistant

- Quiet lid using the New Silenx Technology™

- Water Resistant Sensor Protection

- 100% "Hands-Free" Operation

- "Germ-Free" - Prevents Cross-Contamination

- Sensor activated by hand motion



DZT12-13Series - Replacement Head For The 12 Litre Oval Plus Series Autobin

Replacement Head For The 12 Litre Oval Plus Series Autobin.

As strong as the Autobins are, we understand that nothing lasts forever so we have created replacement parts for the Oval Plus Series Autobin.

We feel it is important that we provide you with the option to change parts or keep spare parts handy to help you extend the lifespan of your sensor bin.

The replacement lid is fully loaded with all the features you currently have on your 12-litre Oval Plus Series lid.

The features of the Oval Plus Series include the New "Eagle Eye" Technology ™ Motion Infrared Sensor. The sensor detects a users movement within ten inches and automatically opens the lid of the bin. The lid will remain open for three seconds and then close tightly trapping smells and odours.

The New Silenx Technology ™ has been developed to operate the lid in near silence enhancing the experience you have with your Autobin.

Our customers are aware of the advantages of using the Oval Plus Series Autobin including the prevention and cross-contamination of germs.

Included is a Battery Cover that will fit the 12-litre Oval Plus Series Replacement Head.
The Oval Plus Series lid is both dust and dirt resistant.

Compatible with:
- 12 Litre Oval Plus Series Stainless Steel Autobin

Specifications and features

Features - The lid opens automatically when close users hand motion is detected – within 0.5 seconds
- The lid will close 3 seconds after users hand moves away
- Manual override buttons -"Open" and "Close" allows users to dispose of large waste
- Easy access and loss-proof battery compartment cover
- Removable hard ABS Plastic Head for easy cleaning
- Low energy-consumption
- Battery Life: Up to 24 months dependant on use
  • removable
    ring liner
  • removable
    bucket liner
  • quiet
  • removable
    motion senor
  • soft
  • open / close

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