The need for recycling and separating general waste has grown in demand as local councils and new laws encourage us, across the United Kingdom, to participate.

To help you find the best recycling bins for your home or office, we’ve put together what is probably the most comprehensive range of stylish and quality kitchen recycling bins available in one place.

At Smart Autobin, we offer the latest touchless range of hands-touch-pedal free infrared sensors bins with 2 and 3 compartments for separating general waste and recyclables. In the automatic variety, we also offer the food caddy for the kitchen sink worktop.

The recycle range is further extended with a variety of shapes, sizes and style in the foot, step on pedal rubbish bins.

All our freestanding sensor and pedal wastebins are finished in a premium Fingerprint Proof Stainless brushed Steel, all offering smooth, silent and soft closing.

Our kitchen recycling bins function brilliantly and provide from two, three or up to four compartments in one convenient unit, with a choice of flat-to-the-wall, slimline and low shapes designed to make the most of the space available in your kitchen. We are sure you will find the bin that’s right for you on these pages but if you need any help choosing or need further product information, please email us or call us.

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)