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The 80 litre maxi range of recycling bins for kitchen offers the largest capacity in the Autobin range while making use of the latest in sensor technology and design development to offer the very best in functionality and style. This model has been developed in response to the popularity of recycling bins. Rather than one main compartment for waste, there are two separate sections within the bin for different types of waste.

The kitchen recycling bin is ideal for managing the waste in a home or workplace. With so many households and professional setting becoming more aware of the management of their waste and the impact it may have on the environment, more and more individuals and companies are moving towards more conscientious waste disposal. Recycling is one way of doing this and the 80 litre maxi makes it easier and more hygienic. Wherever the bin is situated, from the family home to the doctor’s surgery, school or professional kitchen… it will bring a touch of style and a convenient solution for any waste disposal issue.

The recycling bins for kitchen operates in the same way as our other sized auto bins. The sensor which is located at the front of the bin uses the latest in infra-red technology to detect movement. So, the bin ‘sees’ your hand and the lid opens automatically as a result. This enables you to use the bin hands-free; this is touchless tech at its very best. The lid then closes automatically (or you can keep it open using the handy open/close override button). The result is a more hygienic choice which is easier to use, especially when you might be sorting through waste to place it in the right compartment of the bin.

With larger bins, the risk of the kitchen recycling bin liner slipping, sagging or stretching is higher, and we have combatted this problem (which can leave you with a lot of mess in the bottom of the bin) we have developed a clever solution – the bag retaining ring. Feedback tells us that this is one of the most popular aspects of our auto bin range. The bag retaining ring secures the bin liner so that it doesn’t fall or slip. It keeps the unsightly ends of the bag under wraps rather than have them sticking out of the top of the kitchen recycling bin – so you get a bin that looks better and functions better.

Looks of a kitchen recycling bin are important, so as well as using the best premium grade stainless steel for all our auto bins, we have finished them in a brushed effect finish which is easy to clean and looks modern and stylish. The stainless-steel construction has been designed to be robust and durable.

Specifications & Features


2 in 1 Recycling Bins for Kitchen

  • 80L capacity divided into 2 x 40L sections for duel waste purposes such as general & recycling
  • 100% "Hands pedal Touch Free" operation - "Germ-Free" - Prevents cross-contamination
  • Manual over-ride buttons -"open" and "close" function.
  • Removable hard ABS plastic head for ease of cleaning
  • Tapered design makes bag removal simpler
  • Can be used with any bin liner bags
  • 2 x Bag retaining rings – allows the use of any bin liners on each side
  • 3 x D-sized batteries - Low energy-consumption- Battery Life of up to 24 months
  • Height: 970mm (with lid open), 730mm (with lid closed)
  • Depth: 375mm; Width 465mm
  • Gross Weight: 8.50kg
Manufacturer NineStars


Customer Reviews

amazing technology
At work we deal with lots of technological products and stuff but never had I seen a more innovative bin, really, its motion sensor is something completely new for me. I really liked it! Review by Mark1
Perfect recycling bins for kitchen !!
I swear this big bin changed my life, not overreacting. The fact that you don’t have to touch it makes it perfect for people who are obsessed with hygiene like me, also the bag ring and the stainless steel finishes are such good features!! Review by Cindy
Workplace bin
Got one for the place I work at and it’s been pretty useful, no problems ever since I bought it Review by JohnD.
Kitchen recycle bin
I’ve always been worried about sorting out my recycling and with a big family it’s not always easy but this big bin changed everything! It helped with our waste disposal habits and I love that we don’t even have to touch the lid to open it Review by Brie
Not just a bin
I'm in the good books :) I bought this bin for the wife cus she kept on and on about wanting a new one for the kitchen. I thought this one would be good cus it has 2 separate bits in it to help with recycling. Wow, but was this a grand idea, she loves it. Great bin for the wife, brownie points for me. Review by JackO'T

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