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Rejoice Series

EKO Offer Style and Variety in their Premium Grade Stainless Steel Pedal Bins

Stainless steel pedal bins are highly sought after and although they are very popular there's nothing quite like the EKO Rejoice Series! EKO's attention to detail and unbeatable quality means every bin is made to last. Okay, so they are a little more expensive than your standard bin, but if you consider the old and wise saying "If you buy cheap, you buy twice!" The EKO brand is your reassurance of a premium grade bin. Here at Autobin we offer the lowest prices so that you have the best of both worlds!

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  1. 24L 12 and 12L Rejoice Recycling Pedal Bin

    24L Recycling Pedal Bin with 2 Compartments

    Regular Price: £144.95

    Special Price £89.95 Save £55

    Recycling pedal bin with 2 compartments for kitchen waste separation

    Well-Designed-Recycling perfect for home and office recycling use. EKO Rejoice recycling pedal bin with 2 compartments are made for perfect functionality in a beautiful shape. The best value-for-money solution for every area. They are made from Fingerprint-proof stainless steel and plastic. These bins come with silent close lid mechanism for noise-free environment, plastic inner liners with tuck-away bag hiding system and non-skid rubber feet.
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  2. Rejoice 36 Litre Autobin - Triple Recycling Pedal Bin

    36L Recycling Pedal Bin with 3 Compartments

    Regular Price: £184.95

    Special Price £109.95 Save £75

    Recycling pedal bin with 3 compartments for General, Cardboard and Plastic - Waste Separation Bins

     Eko recycling pedal bin with 3 compartments that can be used for separating card boxes, paper and plastic, bottles and glass, general waste, or any combination thereof. The Eko rejoice recycling pedal bin with 3 compartments features hands-free operation, with a step on pedal at the bottom to open the lid and automatic soft-close to shut it. Hands-free means less mess, fewer spills and jollier time routing your recyclables. Benefit from hands-free technology and keep your family's, guests' and your own hands clean regardless of what you toss. And benefit from the simplicity of an attractive sorter in your home to keep recycling as simple as possible. The removable compartment bins make collecting recyclables quicker, easier and more efficient than sorting through a giant bag or not recycling at all. 
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  3. 12L Rejoice Series Slim Pedal Bin

    Rejoice 12 Litre Autobin - Rectangular Waste Paper Pedal Bin

    Regular Price: £89.95

    Special Price £69.95 Save £20


    Our 12 Litre Rejoice Series is a slimline rectangular pedal bin ideal as a waste paper bin in any narrow space. The exterior contains an ABS hardened plastic bucket which can simply be lifted out and emptied alternatively you can insert any suitable bin bag.

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  4. 30L Rejoice Wide Step Slim Bin

    Rejoice 30 Litre Autobin - Slim Kitchen Pedal Bin

    Regular Price: £159.95

    Special Price £94.95 Save £65


    The Rejoice 30L is slim-fit and designed to fit into small places or even under the kitchen sink. Comprised of a fingerprint proof exterior and an interior containing a toughened ABS plastic bucket this bin is ideal for a family kitchen or as a waste-paper disposal basket.

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  5. 60L 30 and 30L Rejoice Recycling Pedal Bin

    Rejoice 60 Litre Autobin - Kitchen Recycling Pedal Bin

    Regular Price: £245.95

    Special Price £139.95 Save £106


    The Rejoice has two generous 30L compartments which are ideal for recycling or storing different items, as with all of our stylish designs this bin is pedal activated and comes in a wide range of colours making it both stylish and practical.

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  6. 8L Rejoice Bathroom Pedal Bin

    Rejoice 8 Litre Autobin - Small Slimline Pedal Bin

    Regular Price: £59.95

    Special Price £44.95 Save £15


    The Rejoice is very popular as a bathroom pedal bin. This bin is pedal activated for a hygienic and clean waste disposal method. The Rejoice has a built in hard plastic bucket which can be lifted out for waste disposal.

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