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Ironing board/stepladder

Ironing board/stepladder

The i-lad is the best ironing board to hold a steam generating iron and has an unexpected twist!  By twist we don’t mean literally but as the saying goes!  The “twist” is that the i-lad is not only an ironing board but is also a 3 step - step ladder!  It is 2 things in 1, very useful and only available at a handful of online retailers! 

Made of solid steel, this is not an ironing board that will wobble around while you try to iron nor will it collapse at the weight of your Steam Generating Iron.  It is strong, sturdy and robust!  It is what it is simply because with safety standards in the UK, you can’t have a ladder that is not strong and safe.  The fact that the ironing board and stepladder is one unit – it’s strong!  This not only means safety but it means that this is the last ironing board you will ever need to buy – saving you money over a lifetime.

Also suitable for steam ironing, the i-lad comes fitted with a silver coated heat resistant, anti-slip cover with 7mm thick padding and steel mesh for steam to pass through.  You will find steam ironing effective and without any hassle.  Spare covers are always available or you can shop around for any cover you want.  Our covers are machine washable too because they are made of 100% cotton.

Using the i-lad is VERY easy.  It is actually far simpler than your average ironing board because there is no height adjustability.  The height of the ironing board is perfect for the average user of average height.  You simply open the ironing board out or the step ladder.  Watch the video on this page to see visually.  When you finish with the i-lad, putting it away is easy too.  The i-lad folds flat and can stand against a wall neatly or be hung.  It occupies the same space as an ironing board would on its own with the bonus of it also being a step ladder! 

Whether you are ironing clothes, changing a light bulb, reaching a high cupboard, putting up or taking down curtains, the i-lad is there for you stowed conveniently indoors for you to grab whenever you need it.