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It is a motion sensor bin and energy efficient Autobin, allowing batteries to last up to 24 months. Inside is a bag retaining ring holder to secure your bin liners from dropping and hide the excess ugly bin bag hangover. The outer body of the motion sensor bin is made from premium quality stainless silver brushed steel that’s fingerprint, smear and smudge proof.

Our Autobin 50L Bathroom Rubbish Bins are shaped semi-circular with a flat back, hence this fits well in corners, against walls or end of kitchen cupboard units. Furthermore, as the motion sensor bin glides opens and closes side ways, this allows to be placed underneath kitchen worktop counters.

Usually removing a full bag from bathroom rubbish bins can be a nuisance. There is usually a vacuum and the bag fights against you and it feels like a game of tug-of-war. Whatever model of AutoBin motion sensor bin you buy, they are all designed to be tapered meaning that they are slightly wider at the top than they are at the base. This means your full bin liner will slide out easily. Bag removal is kinder and easier on your back!

Specifications & Features

  • Semi-circle stainless steel kitchen bin, fingerprint and smear proof
  • Tapered to prevent vacuum when pulling out the bin bag
  • Infra-red Motion sensor activates lid opening, lid closes automatically
  • Ladybird style lid opening – the lid parts sideways
  • With no vertical space used by the lid, this bin fits under most kitchen work-tops
  • Manual override open and close buttons
  • Long battery life
  • Bag retaining ring (included) to keep the bag tidily inside the bin
  • Height when Open: 665mm
  • Height when closed: 665mm
  • Depth.: 298mm
  • Width: 465mm
  • Gross Weight: 4.4 kg
Manufacturer Autobin


Customer Reviews

nice stainless steel finishes
it looks nice in my kitchen, I enjoy having everything in order and this bin is really helpful. Review by JaneT
Pretty awesome
The space under my kitchen bar is not that big but this ladybird lid it’s just perfect and the bag ring makes everything easier. Review by Shei
Bathroom rubbish bins.
I got this one for my bathroom and works fine although my bathroom is a little small. Guess I should’ve bought a smaller one but the bin is perfect tho. Review by PhilD.
Aesthetic and functional
The way the lid opens is just so pleasant to the eye, I’m impressed by its technology, totally recommend it. Review by Eli91
Great service
Got this motion sensor bin a few days ago and every time I got a doubt they are there to help, thanks! Review by Mark

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