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The indoor EKO Mirage kitchen rubbish bins are the perfect 50 Litre capacity kitchen waste bin for a busy home or office environment. It's a smart rubbish bin, which means it helps you keep your home clean and tidy. It has sensors built into the lid so that you can open the lid with the Wave of your hand, or elbow when your hands are full.

The lid opens automatically, so you can quickly empty plates and deposit the litter - all without ever touching the kitchen rubbish bins. However, there is a manual override that allows you to press “open” for longer opening and when ready by pressing “close” this re-activates the sensors for motion activation. This is further supported by a visual digital display. The lid closes automatically, softly and quietly. OR, you can Press the touch close button as well. Your bin, your preference.

The Autobin has a sleek exterior is stainless brushed steel, with a fingerprint resistant finish that stays looking cleaner longer. It has a vented plastic base for easy cleaning and odour control. And, best of all, it has an intelligent bag system that creates less mess than ever. The removable rim secures your disposable plastic bin bag in place. The rim has two folding interior handles to wrap your bag around. The handles then fold down and lock into place. it's clean, convenient, and smart. 

Specifications & Features


• Easy bag removal with removable rim and handles that also allows the use of any standard bin liners and further assisting the hiding of the ugly bag hangover
• 10,000 Open/Close cycle battery life that’s powered by 6 x AA batteries
• Touch screen Digital display with Manual override
• Motion sensor kitchen rubbish bins with dual scissor (butterfly) opening soft-close lid -
• Skid-resistant base ensures the bin stays firmly in place during use
• Integrated extra-strong rear handle for easy lifting
• Bi-force damper system on the lid provides a graduated closing speed, achieving faster closing without sacrificing the soft-close effect
• premium 430-grade stainless brushed steel – anti-rust, Easy clean, fingerprint-resistant finish


• Height when Open: 739mm
• Height when closed: 624mm
• Depth.: 250mm
• Width: 375mm

Manufacturer EKO


Customer Reviews

So pleased
First time I purchase something on the internet and I had no problems at all. The company is actually committed and cares about the customers, you guys deserve 5 stars!!! Review by KDL
Highly recommend it!
My mother was actually the one that bought it for our kitchen and I´m so glad she did. I’ve always been obsessed with hygiene and this bin is sooo helpful. Review by Cruz
kitchen rubbish bins
this one is the perfect size for my kitchen and the design goes well with my other appliances, very nice product Review by soph
Great customer service
Every time we have guests over they ask about this fin and how it works. At first I didn’t know either how it worked but the guys from the customer service explained perfectly for me, what a service! Review by Jesse
Just the right size
It fulfils my family necessities but still matches the kitchen’s décor, these kitchen rubbish bins are really different from conventional bins, the sensor is such a unique feature. Review by MarcAnT.

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