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Multi Capacity 45-Litre / 70-Litre Mirage Series Stainless Steel Autobin With Inner Bucket

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Quick Overview

Mirage Series smart bins have revolutionised the waste industry and how users are able to increase the cleanliness of their waste bins.

Using the latest technology, Autobins are a leader in waste disposal and smart features. Incorporated into the build of the trash can is an infrared motion sensor along with a host of additional features designed to make life simple and convenient for our users.

Autobin has made the Mirage Series a simple yet affordable solution for waste management. The dustbin is flexible to contain between 45 and 70-litres of waste depending on the user and how frequently they require the bin liner to be changed.




Autobin has created a dustbin that is both practical and efficient to use in the home, school or workplace.

The Mirage Series is one of our top of the range dustbins fitted with an infrared motion sensor. The infrared motion sensor will grant the user of the bin the ability to open and close the lid with a simple swipe of their hand from up to ten inches away from the lid. This hands-free operation of the dustbin is useful when the user has their hands full or do not want to physically make contact with the bin. Minimising the physical contact with the bin will help to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria that is associated with dustbin lids.

To close the lid of the dustbin, the user will need to move out of range of the infrared sensor or wait five seconds. The lid will quietly open and close using our patented ‘Silenx Technology’. The ‘Silenx Technology’ has been especially made to enhance the experience the user has with the smart bin. To compliment the silent lid, Autobin have fitted the hinges of the smart bin with a ‘soft-close’ to gently close the lid and prevent the lid of the bin from slamming shut.

The inner bucket that is contained within the smart bin has been fitted with handles on the side to allow for easy removal from the bin, allowing for smoother bag changes. Another advantage of having an inner bucket is it allows any waste or spills to accumulate at the bottom of the inner bucket rather than at the bottom of the bin. Should any spills be found, it is easier to clean the inner bucket rather than having to wash the inside of the dustbin.

At the bottom of the bin is a skid-resistant plastic base. This allows the bin to be moved around without leaving any marks or damaging the flooring.

The outer casing of the dustbin has been made from high-quality commercial-grade stainless steel. This material is robust and sturdy and has been chosen to prevent fingerprints, smudges and stains from dirtying the exterior of the bin.

Specifications and features

Features ● Infrared motion sensor lid
● Made from high-quality stainless steel
● Uses 6 x AA size batteries
● Inner bucket
● Touchless control
Specifications Product dimensions: D: 27 cm X W: 46 cm X H: 65.5 cm
Materials: 430 Stainless Steel with ABS plastic LID
Batteries: 6 X AA size batteries (not Included)
Manufacturer EKO
  • removable
    ring liner
  • removable
    bucket liner
  • quiet
  • removable
    motion senor
  • soft
  • open / close

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