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Q: Do you offer a warranty for your bins?

A: Yes. Every AutoBin since 2011 comes with a 10 year warranty. The only exclusion is our 2L Ladybird Counter Top bin which comes with a 2 year warranty. To activate your warranty please register the purchase of your AutoBin here. The warranty covers repair or replacement of the Head but excluded admin and shipping at a cost of £19.95. Go here for more details of our Return Policy.

Q: What kind of bin liners do I need with an AutoBin?

A: Good news! You are free to shop for your bin bags however you like. We have designed our kitchen bins to NOT require custom bin bags unlike many of our competitors. When you do your ordinary grocery shopping just add bin bags into your trolley. The reason for this is our "Magic Ring" or bag retaining ring (included). This very simple technology secures your bin liner and locks it into position so it won't fall into the bin and it allows you to tuck the excess neatly into the bin. See our short video demonstration to fully understand.

Q: Are batteries included when my bin arrives?

A: Yes. You may buy your replacement batteries here or from any shop that sells batteries

Q: What is the battery life expectancy?

A: Good news. AutoBin is very energy efficient! We know that with Duracell, the batteries will last 2 years when used for 35 open/close cycles per day. Would you use your bin 35 times a day? Most people don't. Many of our customers have claimed that their batteries have lasted them several years!

Q: How does Autobin compare with other stainless steel kitchen bins on the market?

A: We don't deny there is plenty of choice to be had from many brands. We believe that have a lot of advantages over our competitors. Check out our comparison tables on our About Us page.

Q: What do I do if my bin stops working?

A: In the unlikely event that your bin is not doing its job right, first read our very quick and easy troubleshooting list here. If the issue is still unresolved, you may process a warranty claim here.

Q: I have a dog and I'm worried he/she will learn to open the bin

A: Your concern is very valid and unless you have a small dog that won't be able to get close enough to the sensor, your dog probably will be able to figure out how to snack on your rubbish. We have solution. There is an on/off switch located on the Head of the bin. Turning the switch off will deactivate the sensor and the lid will then need to be opened manually like any other bin. Our advice is that when you go to bed at night or when you go out, turn the bin off. When you are home and not sleeping then turn it on. Most people's dogs wouldn't be so cheeky as to enter the bin while you in in the room or the next room, especially if your dog is well trained.

Q: I have kids that will love playing with the bin, could they easily break it?

A: Firstly you needn't worry about the batteries going flat quickly (see the question about battery life). You'll find that the novelty will soon ware off! As for wear and tear, AutoBin is made of premium grade material and is surprisingly robust however be rest assured that if the worst happened, you are always able to buy replacement parts for your bin. See our Accessories page

Q: How long does the lid stay open for?

A: When you activate the sensor with the close proximity of your hand to open the lid, the lid remains open and will NOT close while motion is detected. So if you are scraping a plate into the bin, it will remain open for you. The lid closes 3 seconds after you move away. There is an option to have the lid permanently open by pushing the "open" button on the manual override control panel.

Q: Does the lid open every time someone walks past the bin?

A: Maybe. If you walk very close beside your bin and your clothing hangs above the sensor. The lid will open. Is this a problem? Not at all because the lid will then close itself automatically after 3 seconds. If you are not too close when walking past then it will not open.