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Our 50 Litre Oval Recycling Series consists of two compartments – 30 litres and 20 litres. Each compartment has its own bag retaining ring and there is a divider separating the two parts of the bin.  This means you can use 2 bin bags and have a recyclable waste section as well as a general waste section. This model of Autobin



























is the first to have a stainless steel automatic lid.


Specifications & Features

  • Oval matt stainless steel recycling bin, fingerprint and smear proof
  • Tapered to prevent vacuum when pulling out the bin bags
  • Infra-red sensor activates lid opening, lid closes automatically
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Manual override open and close buttons
  • Long battery life
  • 10 years warranty on the sensor function
  • Two bag retaining rings and a divider allowing 2 compartments (30L + 20L) – Use 2 bags  

Specifications (mm):

  • Height: 920
  • Width:  419
  • Depth:  292
Manufacturer NineStars


Customer Reviews

So impressive!1
When it arrived I was so excited to see how it works and I sure was impressed, the lid opens only when you approach so I don’t have to worry about opening it by accident. Oh and shout out to the customer service guys, they’ve been so helpful!! Review by Kimmy
Simple and pretty
This bin is just what I was looking for, I bought it for my medium-sized kitchen and it fits everywhere. My family loved it, I loved, even my dog seems amazed by it. Totally recommend it!! Review by Susan
automatic recycling bin
I got this one for my workplace and works great. Nice product. Review by TayJames
Both compartments are great
It doesn’t waste any space and the divider is so thin you don’t even notice it. Also thanks for the bag retaining rings, such a great idea, everything is easier now. Review by RubenR.
bin with 30l and 20l compartments
Managing my recyclable and general waste is much easier now, both compartments are more than enough for my daily needs and the lid is incredible, really cool! Review by GeorgieBoy1

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