One of the biggest problems of the littering effects on the environment is that most upper-middle class communities are not directly affected by it. Thanks to the maintenance of the streets, a lot of people do not see a big littering problem but that does not mean that there isn’t one, you can’t just cover The Sun with one finger.

It may not look like the cigar butt or the plastic bottle on the ground would make such a difference when we are talking about tons and tons of litter but, just as every single grain of sand counts to complete a dessert, so does every single piece of litter. People shouldn’t look the other way every time someone throws something out of the window or dumps any waste on the floor. If we want our children and grandsons to have a nicer future, we ought to start worrying about the littering effects on the environment.

Let’s not leave this problem to future generations, let’s start doing something about it now. Even the smallest action could make a big difference and changing our waste disposal habits is not that difficult, we all can reduce the littering effects on the environment by recycling, reusing and reducing. These 3 R’s are an easy solution to this global problem and we could just start by properly separating the organic, recycling and not recycling waste. The change is in your hands, don’t let it fall.

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