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Eko 32L Regent Square Series, coated Black stainless steel Finish, black Pedal Bin 30 litre.

Simplicity meets durability in Regent 32 litres Step foot pedal bin. Available in exclusive black and neon combination, this unique bin will sit perfect in any space, designed in a square shape that’s flat all sides. Build from high quality stainless steel, Regent Step Bin is durable for more than 100,000 times of usage. Our R&D team has developed the very first hydraulic damper that ensures a noise-free environment, silent close. Regent Step Bin completes with a comfortable back handle for easy transportation and built-in deodoriser compartment that caters to a changeable air freshener or deodoriser to absorb odours.

The 32L Regent series square bin is an ideal kitchen or office addition, made from coated black stainless steel finish, this bin has been expertly crafted inside and out. The 32 Litre is a stylish flat boxed shaped design that will look well anywhere. Comprised of a fingerprint proof exterior and an interior containing a toughened ABS Neon plastic bucket, which compliments the black exterior finish, this bin is ideal for a family kitchen or as a waste-paper receptacle.

A removable plastic bin liner keeps the refuse bin easy to clean and refrains from spills and leaks. The inner bucket also protects bin liner bags against rips and tears, allowing you to carry waste all the way to the curb in the inner pail itself. No more drips along the way!

This Eko 32 litre regent series Step Bin is made with fingerprint-resistant, perfect for households and commercial environments. Hands free, No Mess and no fuss. An easy way to a more hygienic, comfortable waste disposable experience.

We all have to take out the rubbish: thanks to EKO, we can be clean about it! 

Specifications & Features

  • Beautiful Black finish with Neon Inner Plastic buckets with integrated bag fixer
  • Space saving wall leaning design, all flat sided / Square pedal bin 
  • Built in odour deodoriser compartment inside to refrain from bad bin smells
  • Touch-free, Bi-force damper system on the lid provides a graduated speed for faster closing without sacrificing the soft-close effect
  • Has a carry handle at the rear for easy manoeuvring 
  • Premium Quality 430 grade Stainless Steel that’s corrosion anti rust resistance
  • Life time Warranty
  • H (Closed) : 623mm, H (open) : 880mm
  • W: 305mm
  • D: 393mm
Manufacturer EKO


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