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AutoSeat Sensor Activated Toilet Seat

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  • The UKs first hands-free sensor activated toilet seat!
  • God's gift to mankind – Save your marriage today!
  • Touchless and hygienic
  • Cross contamination prevention
  • Automatic open and close
  • Easy to install yourself – takes minutes
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts up to 3 months on a single charge
  • Seat slides off the toilet easily for cleaning or if you move house
Since the invention of the toilet seat, the words "next time please close the toilet seat" have been spoken globally many thousands of times a day! Some people even need to be told to lift the toilet seat! Women to not appreciate finding pee all over the seat! Closing the actual lid of the toilet is very important before flushing. When business is done in the toilet and the toilet is flushed without closing the lid, human waste particles become airborne. Where is your toothbrush? Near the toilet? You get the picture. The Auto Toilet Seat is good for hygiene, relationships and will upgrade your bathroom's style. Fitting is really easy, the seat simply slides on, as clearly described in the instruction manual, and only takes a few minutes. Once fitted you never need touch the toilet seat again. Infra-red sensors raise the lid as you approach, and you can adjust the settings according to the size of your bathroom, so that it doesn't open unnecessarily. If you want to lift the inside seat simply raise your hand above the cover to break the infra-red beam and the sensors there will raise the seat for you. When the toilet is no longer occupied, sensors will close the seat and cover. Imagine never having to touch the seat or cover again; and when you want to clean it, the whole fitting can be easily removed. even after the batteries have been in place for 3 months and need charged, you still don't have to place your hands on the seat, just eject the battery pack and connect it to the charger; easy as that! For hygiene, ease of use and easy maintenance, this toilet seat really is the best on the market. And it looks great, whatever the style of your bathroom, from the more traditional to the most modern. All that, and a yearlong warranty too; what more could you ask for from a loo seat?
Dimensions 18" L x 15.5" W x 5" H
Weight 6.45 lbs
Power Source Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Materials ABS plastic
Warranty 1 year, limited
Sensor Ranges Front Sensor (when closed): 4 to 6 inches Top Sensor (when open): 2 to 4 inches Occupant Sensor: Adjustable 18 to 39 inches 2nd Occupant Sensor: fixed 120 degree detection angle
Sensor Positions Front Sensor: 45 degree angle upward Top Sensor: Points straight up Occupant Sensor: Points horizontally Motion Sensor: 120 degrees horizontally


When my girlfriend said she had bought an auto toilet seat, I thought it was just a gimmick. And I thought I'd have to find all sorts of tools to fit it. But it was very easy to install, and it looked good, but I still thought it was a silly idea… until I tried it, and then realized that I hadn't heard the usual' why do you never close the lid?', and I was sold on it. Genius idea, and it does look really good. I wish I'd thought of it! This is the second auto seat I have bought, this time for my ensuite – I would never buy any other toilet seat again after this The thing I hate about housework is cleaning the toilet, and that's why I love this product, its so easy to clean. I would definitely recommend it to friends. One thing though; any possibility of making it in pink? I was pleasantly surprised with how long the battery lasted in the toilet seat because I have a big family and only one bathroom, I was expecting to be recharging it more often, but it really did last almost 3 months; very impressive! Having had the auto seat for a while now, it has eliminated the toilet seat dilemma, and my wife would like to know if you could address the other big problem we have experienced during our marriage; do you make a gadget that puts the lid back on the toothpaste?

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