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Original Series

Autobin Original – The World's First Sensor Bin

The Autobin Original Series was the first infrared sensor activated waste bin in the world! The Original Autobin lead the way in sensor bin technology resulting our popular series of Oval, Cylinder and Maxi stainless steel kitchen bins.

The Original Series benefits from a computer aided design that completely eliminates 'bag stick' a feature that helped it win the Good Housekeeping Award for Innovation. The Original Autobin is available in four sizes 24, 32, 50 and 60 litres and is designed for use with standard bin liners. Perfect for the kitchen, garage, office or bathroom there's an Autobin Original for all your rubbish disposal.

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  1. 60L Original Series AutoBin

    60L Ultra Slim Kitchen Bin

    Regular Price: £179.95

    Special Price £109.95 Save £70

    60L Ultra Slim Kitchen Bin - Perfect for families experiencing issues with tight and narrow spaces 

    Our 60 Litre Bin 'Original' motion activated sensor bin helps reduce cross-contamination by eliminating the need to touch - It utilises patented infrared sensors to open and close the lid automatically. The ultra slim kitchen bin is tapered in design for ease of removing waste bin liners. Made from premium Brushed stainless steel that’s fingerprint proof.

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  2. 50L Original Series AutoBin

    42L Slim Kitchen Bin

    Regular Price: £169.95

    Special Price £99.95 Save £70

    Best Selling Slim Kitchen Bin

    The 42L slim kitchen bin was designed to eliminate the need to touch - It uses patented infrared sensors to open and close automatically. The elegant body is made from brushed stainless steel with smooth tapered lines which ensures bin liners never get stuck.

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  3. 32L Original Series AutoBin

    32L Slim Rectangular Kitchen Bins

    Regular Price: £149.95

    Special Price £89.95 Save £60

    Slim Rectangular Kitchen Bins - Automatic Lid and Stainless Steel Body

    Our 32L slim rectangular kitchen bins infrared motion activated sensor bin is ideal for small households and offices. Our unique Slimline tapered design means it not only looks fabulous but also ensures that bin liners never get stuck regardless of how full your bin is. Sensor bins reduce cross-contamination, made from premium stainless brushed steel, so say goodbye to fingerprints and sticky messes.

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  4. 24L Original Series AutoBin

    24L Kitchen Cupboard Bin

    Regular Price: £139.95

    Special Price £79.95 Save £60

    Taking the Kitchen Cupboard Bin to another Level

    Compact and convenient the 24L kitchen cupboard bin is a motion activated sensor bin and ideal for the Small kitchen, bathroom and home office. The touchless lid helps reduce cross-contamination whilst adding style to your home. The 24L stainless steel bins fits neatly under your desk, in a kitchen cupboard or standing alone, it incorporates an ultra modern bag-less design so there's no unsightly bag liner overhang.

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