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Maxi Series

Autobin Maxi – When Size Means Everything

The Autobin Maxi Series is special and essential for families who need an extra large capacity kitchen bin. So it's no wonder that our 80L Maxi Series is our top seller, ample capacity, stylish and clean stainless steel look with built in hands free sensor technology for the ultimate in touchless and hygiene.

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  1. Autobin 80L Maxi

    80L Large Kitchen Bins

    Regular Price: £249.95

    Special Price £119.95

    Large Kitchen Bins because Bigger is Better

    Large kitchen bins are perfect for large families and businesses with lots of waste disposable. Whilst we offer large capacity storage for food and home waste, its designed to look stylish, elegant and have a small footprint. The motion activated sensor large kitchen bins help reduce cross-contamination by eliminating the need to touch - It utilises patented motion sensors to open and close the lid automatically.
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  2. Autobin 80 Litre Recycling Bin

    80L Recycling Bins for Kitchen

    Regular Price: £299.95

    Special Price £139.95

    Recycling Bins for Kitchen to be Responsible and Smart

    The 'Maxi' recycling bins for kitchen is the largest capacity food waste recycle bin that's perfect for any household. Motion sensor activated opening helps reduce cross-contamination by eliminating the need to touch. The twin/double capacious 40L compartments provide ample storage for all your Home & office waste and recycling needs.
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  3. Autobin Recycling Combo

    Autobin Recycling Combo


    Regular Price: £439.85

    Special Price £189.95


    The Autobin 'Recycling Combo' set contains a large kitchen recycling bin, bathroom bin and handy counter top waste caddy. The Recycling Combo set is ompletely touchless with automatic sensor opening lids which reduce cross-contamination around your home.

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