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Lady Bird Series

Have you ever heard of a bin being spoken about in an exciting and positive way? Well people are always "gossiping" nicely about our auto sensor bins, especially our lady bird bin. This is a very small 2L counter top bin and is generally used for food waist and used teabags. It is however multi-purpose and is know to be used for storing all kinds of knick knacs in them. It has also been successfully used as a pet bowl keeping the food or water fresh and cool with it's stainless steel removable inner tray.

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  1. 2L LadyBird Series

    2L Kitchen Worktop Bin

    Regular Price: £59.95

    Special Price £34.95 Save £25

    A Kitchen Worktop Bin that actually looks good in the Kitchen

    Hands-free sensor activated kitchen worktop bin. The lid resembles a ladybird’s wings – a 2-part lid, each half opening left and right just as a ladybird prepares for flight! When your hand approaches, it opens due to a motion sensor. Once your hand moves away, the lid will close. The round ABS plastic bowl contains an aluminium removable inner for emptying, cleaning and replacing. The inner bowl inside the kitchen worktop bin is dishwasher safe making life even easier!
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  2. 12L Metal Waste Paper Bin

    12L Metal Waste Paper Bin

    Regular Price: £129.95

    Special Price £59.95 Save £70

    12 Litre Metal Waste Paper Bin - Better than your average bin!

    New 2017, 12 Litre metal waste paper bin unique design can fit almost in any tight space, such as under an office table, underneath kitchen worktop, bathroom bin, bedroom, utility or a children’s play room. This compact metal waste paper bin also features one of a kind lady bug style lid, that uses the most advance sensor technology found in all our autobin range. Side opening wings, that glides and slides smoothly, automatically! No Hands, No touch no Mess!

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  3. Autobin Lady Bird 47L

    50L Motion Sensor Bin

    Regular Price: £179.95

    Special Price £109.95 Save £70

    Introducing the Flat Top Ladybird Motion Sensor Bin

    The 50 litre motion sensor bin is our latest model in 2017! It was inspired by the popularity of our 2L Mini Ladybird bin, so Autobin designed a larger version intended as bathroom rubbish bins. The lid opens like a ladybird's wings, sideways and in 2 halves. This means that you have more vertical clearance and space, hence its ideal underneath kitchen worktop counters and where height is an issue! 
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