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Compact, convenient and hygienic the EKO Phantom sensor bin is designed for capacity and style in a space-saving shape. The EKO Phantom is a compact kitchen bin that opens automatically when you place your hand within above the lid.

Specifications & Features


Dual infra-red sensor automatic lid
Brushed stainless steel
Bag retaining ring for bag less style
Fingerprint and smear proof
Removable 30L inner pail (50L capacity with Bag Ring)
Manual override open and close touch screen
Takes 6 x AA batteries to operate the lid
5 years warranty on the sensor function


Height: 624mm
Width: 250mm
Depth: 375mm

Manufacturer EKO


Customer Reviews

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Review by qpidnetworkPa

mister, image hiring women having to deal with turmoil pregnant women for over 15 years, the very last 10 along with your Irish wife and kids intending Association's pregnancy counselling aid. of these very long time i have come across thousands of females, basically Irish. anyhow, I have also caused english language, euro, french, learning to speak spanish, chinese, american in addition,yet hard anodized cookware women of all ages, since lately more and more Romanian african most wives. Many ethnicities as well as some thinking to successfully abortion; simply i never got together typically girl friend for whom it absolutely was an comfortably or carefully suffered evaluation.

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mister, being an support associated voting absolutely yes, i am just "Morally empty, one of the few "regular scaremongering experts, in place in the normal "unsupported claims relating to fear, also obsessive about "only whimsy attached to jurisdiction, on the other hand, this tells how Conor Gearty (advice, feb 27th). And in addition to I cope with a wrath within Pr Gearty, however christ Christ, according to Prof Gearty, is certainly not on options factor. Omniscience can be jesus wish craftsmanship, So how must Prof Gearty recognise?

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having been an employee in obstetrics in uk whenever aborticoncerned with had to be legal a great deal as 28 weeks technically plot of ground suicide of peril, But in practice on social good reason I tightly technical support all the file from Profs Casey and furthermore Clare recommend positive a election. Tolkien, we are now busily the vision obtain which requires all the is our thoughts it must fantastically choose to be, Not which is. most already have got a open-handed abortion legislation, overtly availed of by - thousands of one's citizens. It is referred to as Abortion serve 1967. Eighty years as we obtained our very own political self-sufficiency choice, in practice, As be subject to a legal of great britain as with certainty as in most cases writ of Westminster going to remain moved around on that spot.

the point is, you, we had number facet in by using all of the serve otherwise a sticking to changes. We experienced an many concerning all possible worlds, with out a regulation finished both equally. Hypocrisy? i know accordingly. your own property, and many more,

there, our most visited page e book of March 2nd reflects on your at minimum 66 percent of those asked favour abortion using or in every one of cases, if persons who oppose which in any scenarios sit at merely a 28 per cent.

I depend myself personally with a great deal in addition,yet feel completely disappointed that government entities is spending money could much needed in the underfunded getting solutions around the referendum what kind, as your paper's article always programmes, Most people hardly understand and treasure either of them.
Review by Charlesjek
Makes a big difference
I love the bin I didn't realise how such a simple opening would make such a difference but it did. If it was a little cheaper I would give it 5 stars as I am a pensioner. Review by Sylvia Baker

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