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About the Company

We are an online retail company which explains why our prices are half what they ought to be. We don't have all the financial overheads associated with owning a chain of physical shops. We can deliver to anywhere in the world. So you don't pay shop prices or use time and money in travelling to a store. We do however exhibit our products at the major shows around the UK such as the Ideal Home Shows, Grand Designs and BBC Good Food to name a few. Subscribe to us to know where we are and when.

AutoBin is not just about automatic sensor bins. We do the best sensor bins using the best quality materials, the best infra-red motion sensor “Eagle Eye” technology at the best prices on the market and the longest warranty. Our bins are sourced from the manufacturing company Ninestars. We know the market place and concluded unanimously within the company that Ninestars manufacture the best premium grade stainless steel together with premium grade plastic and rubber parts and the patented infra-red technology. We were able to establish a working relationship with them that resulted in keeping the retail prices lower than our main competitors.

Our commitment

  • Integrity, honesty and feedback.
  • An appreciation of customer opinion and interaction
  • Thinking outside the box by showing willingness to accept new designs and innovations
  • Focus on hygiene solutions in the kitchen and around the home
  • Commitment to preventative measures in sickness that comes from cross-contamination through technology
  • Self-critical analysis, questioning and a commitment to personal excellence to seek self improvement.
  • A true passion for innovation.

Our speciality

  • Stainless steel kitchen bins
  • Kitchen recycling bins
  • Food waste bins
  • All of which are automatic sensor bins
  • Stainless steel kitchen roll holder/sensor activated paper towel dispensers
  • Touchless/hands free operated kitchen/home appliances
  • The most stylish and efficient hygiene innovations will be added to our range as we continue to expand.

Not all Bins were Created Equally

This is not a case of “if you've seen it once you've seen it all”. Let's compare the operation of an AutoBin with a Simple Human Bin for example. Simple Human: When the sensor activates the lid to open, it is programmed to stay open for 30 seconds once the is an initial 3 seconds of motion detected near the bin. Then the lid will close

AutoBin: When the sensor activates the lid to open it will remain open for the entire time that your hands are busy with the bin. Only when you remove your hands will the lid close after 3 seconds. Furthermore, we have installed a control panel to give you even more freedom so that you can operate the bin manually. So if you wanted you could keep the lid open for 3 hours, all day or 20 seconds!

Our stainless steel bins have many other unique clever designs about them that gives us the edge over our competitors as you will see as you browse our range.

But why not take a second a compare our AutoBins against the main bin manufacturers in the U.K.

  AutoBin Brabantia SimpleHuman
Rectangular Slimline Original Series Rectangular Touch Bin (No Automatic Sensor) Rectangular Sensor Bin
24L Sensor bin 25L Rectangular Touch Bin None
32L Sensor bin None 40L
50L Sensor bin None 48L
60L Sensor bin None 55L
Oval Oval Series Touch Bin (No Automatic Sensor) Semi Round Sensor Bin
8L Sensor bin 10L Touch Bin None
12L Sensor bin 10L Touch Bin None
42L Sensor bin 45L Touch Bin 45L
50L Sensor bin 50L Touch Bin None
Cylinder/Round Cylinder Series Touch Bin (No Automatic Sensor) None
32L Sensor bin 30L Touch Bin None
50L Sensor bin 50L Touch Bin None
XL Capacity Maxi Series None None
80L Yes None None
Twin Compartment (Recycling) Yes Only very small Small
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years 5 Years
Price See table below See table below See table below
Comments The largest variety of sensor bins and the lowest prices No Sensor bins, a range of pedal bins They have a nice 48 litre butterfly sensor bin. And a range of non-sensor bins.


Rectangular Slimline      
24L £74.95 £123.00 (25L) none
32L £84.95 none £199.99 (40L)
50L £94.95 none £249.99 (48L)
60L £104.95 none £249.99 (55L)
8L £49.95 £77.00 (10L) none
12L £59.95 £77.00 (10L) none
42L £99.95 £168.00 (45L) £99.99 (45L)
50L £109.95 £142.00 none
32L £69.95 £106.00 (30L) none
50L £89.95 £142.00 none
XL Capacity      
80L £114.95 none none
Twin Compartment (Recycling) £134.95 none none


The perfect compliment to our rubbish bins is our stainless steel kitchen roll holder and once again is no ordinary kitchen roll holder, it holds 2 infra-red sensors to dispense and cut paper towels. Keeping the theme of touchless/hands free hygiene innovation in the kitchen.

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