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70 Litre (35L+35L) Oval Plus Recycling Twin Compartments Series Stainless Steel Autobin

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Quick Overview

Introducing the brand new Oval Plus Series recycling twin compartment Autobin. Semi, half-moon shaped sensor bin, offers 35L + 35L with a middle partition to separate household waste from recyclable materials.
This durable and smart garbage trash can uses the most advanced motion sensor technology that can be found in all of the NineStars premium bin range. When your hand or waste is within ten inches or is in range of the 130 angles infrared sensor, the lid will automatically open and will close as soon as your hand moves away.



The large capacity 70-litre Oval Plus Recycling Dual Compartment Series Auto-Sensor Bin will add a little glamour to your home or office whilst emphasising your personal style and flair to your household waste storage.

The Oval Plus Recycling Autobin is split into two equal 35-litre compartments making it easier for everyone to quickly separate recyclable waste from non-recycling materials.

Having one bin for both recycling and non-recycling helps children understand the importance of separating their waste.

The sleek stainless steel bin is perfect for when you need both hands free, such as when you are dealing with messy leftovers or cumbersome chopping board scraps.

Fitted with an infrared motion sensor, the bin automatically opens when the motion sensor senses your hand from ten inches away. After three seconds the bin lid will automatically close using the New Silenx Technology ™ which operates in near silence, quickly trapping any nasty odours and keeping your hands clean.

Additionally, should you need to keep the bin lid open for longer periods, there is a manual Open/Close override button that will remain open until you close the bin.

The Oval Plus is fitted with two bin liner rings. The bin liner rings securely hold bin liners in place and prevent bin liners from slipping or sagging into the bin making changing the bin liner an easy task.

The non-corrosive premium stainless steel body has been created to prevent fingerprints, smears, smudges and is mark resistant keeping the bin clean and shiny for longer.

The bin is fitted with a non-skid base so not to damage any flooring or easily move around or tip over.

Specifications and features

Features - Product Code 9DZT70-112R
- 70 Litre large capacity with two 35 litre twin compartments
- Ease in sorting your recyclables
- Premium stainless steel body that is fingerprint, smear, smudge, mark resistant with a non-skid base
- Uses 4 X D size batteries that last up to 14 months
- Manual override open and close function
- Supplied with two separate retaining bag holders preventing bag drop
- The tight-fitting lid seals odour in and eliminates cross-contamination of germs
- Power lasts up to 14 months in normal daily usage. It requires 4 x D-size batteries (not included).
Specifications Product size 33 x 54.1 x 66.5 cm
Packaging Size 37.7 cm X 59 cm X 73.2 cm
Gross Weight 7.9 Kg
Net Weight 5.21 Kg
Manufacturer NineStars
  • removable
    ring liner
  • removable
    bucket liner
  • quiet
  • removable
    motion senor
  • soft
  • open / close

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