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This 60-litre capacity ultra slim kitchen bin is the perfect addition to any home, workplace or professional setting where hygiene is valued and aesthetics are important. If you are sick of dirty swing bins, cheap plastic bins that don’t last or pedal bins that quickly lose their shine as their mechanism fails, then embrace the future of waste management and disposal by opting for a smart bin that has been designed with cleanliness and ease of use in mind.

The sensor which is placed at the front of the bin detects movement via infra-red technology and quickly opens the lid of the bin when your hand moves in front of it. The lid opens without the need to touch it, and then closes automatically. You can, however, override this automatic closing if you want the bin to stay open for longer, by using the open/close button. The lid is tight fitting to prevent spills and keep odours at bay.

As well as the sensor which allows touch-less operation, the bag retaining ring used inside the 60 litre bin makes it even easier to use and keep clean. This ring has been designed to keep the bin liner inside the bin secure and to stop any slips where the bag falls into the bottom of the bin, resulting in spills that create mess inside the bin. Cleaning up after a slipped bin liner is a chore we could all do without!

The 60 Litre ultra slim kitchen bin is one of the largest in the range, only smaller than the 80litre. Other, smaller options are also available – check out the 50litre, 32 litre, 24 litre and 8 litre range, as well as the countertop ladybird which is the smallest in the range. With a large capacity, typical settings where the 60 litre bin has been used include the catering trade such as restaurant kitchens, medical contexts such as doctor’s surgeries and other hygiene-focused settings such as schools and nurseries, residential homes and workplaces. Of course, the sensor bin is designed with a range of users in mind so it fits right into the modern home as well.

How the 60 litre bin works is important, but how it looks is crucial too. That’s why we have used the very best premium grade stainless steel and given it a stylish brushed finish that looks great. Quality materials are essential to creating a quality product and we take our manufacturing process very seriously. From the design process, through the development of the product right down to the customer service we provide, our sensor bins are created to make life easier and make the home, workplace or professional setting a more hygienic and pleasant place

Specifications & Features

  • Motion sensor activated – Opens and closes automatically
  • Brushed stainless steel – Fingerprint & smudge Proof
  • Bag retaining ring – Allows the use of any bin liner
  • Slimline tapered design - Prevents bin bag stick
  • Manual override - Open and close buttons
  • Power saving Sensors - Long battery life
  • 10 years’ warranty on the sensor function
  • Height: 1019mm (lid open), 799mm (lid closed) 
  • Depth: 372mm; Width 265mm
  • Gross Weight: 5.37kg
Manufacturer NineStars


Customer Reviews

As it says on the tin.!
Wonderful product,I have replaced my brabantia sensor bin after 8 yrs it still works but this bin saves space and the batteries will last a lot longer. Review by Mr G
Bin With Style
This has worked very well, have had it for a year now and only just changed the batteries. Would highly recommend Review by Dionne Mitchell
Love this bin and its high capacity and ease
Can only endorse the comments of the other reviewers. Love this bin and its high capacity and ease of use. Have changed the batteries about once every 18 months. Well worth the price. Only downside is that I now expect ALL bins to work this way and I've been known to wave my hands over the outside wheelie bins. Review by Sifta Sam
Great bin
Fits in to corners well, not like similar bins that are round in shape, great that it takes larger batteries as you don't have to change as often. Review by Michelle Gill
Terrific bin, exactly what I hoped for
I cannot fault this bin. We have had it for 5 months now, feels robust, looks great and works perfectly. Packed really well for shipping, even came with batteries (that are still working). Sturdy stainless steel construction with a well constructed plastic base and lid. Lid opens nice a wide, takes standard supermarket bought 60L bin bags - the 'green' bags from Tesco are a particularly perfect fit - but all others I've tried seem fine too - no 'own brand' bags required here. The design of the lid means when you fit it back on after replacing the bag it slightly overlaps the top of the bin, thus neatly hiding the untidy part of the bag that you've wrapped around the retaining ring insert at the top. Would definitely recommend. Review by Ray C
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