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50 Litre Kitchen Bin - Elegant, Classy and Technological

Competitively priced and designed to make your life easier, the 50 Litre Bin, Oval Autobin is one of our best sellers, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Using our innovative infra-red smart technology, this is so much more than just your normal 50 litre kitchen bin. A simple wave of the hand is all it takes to open the lid so that there is no need to make physical contact with the bin to make use of it. As well as the clear benefits to this touch-free technology in terms of hygiene, it also enables you to keep your hands free to manage the waste you want to dispose of.

The lid closely tightly after 3 seconds (or you can bypass this with a manual control button which will enable you to hold the lid open for if you need to, simply pressing the button again recloses the 50 litre kitchen bin) and our patented Silenx technology means it is quiet and unobtrusive when in operation – no noisy squeaks or clatters like you might get with a swing or pedal bin. A tightly fitting lid enables you to maintain a cleaner environment, with no odours escaping; all resulting in a more pleasant space.

As well as the smart technology that enables you to open the bin hands-free, our bag retaining ring is another way in which we have used every tool at our disposal to make all our automatic sensor bins as efficient as possible. The ring holds the bin liner inside the bin so that it doesn’t slip. How often have you had to deal with a bin liner that needs held up by the lid of the bin, leaving unattractive edges hanging over the edge of the bin, or resulting in bags slipping and causing spills. It all leads to messy-looking, unhygienic waste disposal that then must be changed awkwardly. The bag retaining ring eliminates all of this, making it easier than ever to change the bin liner and get on with other things!

With a 50 litre bin capacity, this is one of the larger bins in the range – check out our other sizes for a bin to suit every need. We have found the 50 litre oval to be a particularly versatile example of our range. From use in schools and nurseries, doctor’s surgeries and hospitals, to use within the home or workplace, feedback tells us that people are benefiting from this clever solution to an essential problem – how to manage waste efficiently and hygienically.

In our popular oval shape, this 50 litre bin has a stylish aspect that is made all the more by the brushed stainless steel finish that makes it look modern yet muted; perfect for any style of décor or context.

Specifications & Features


50 Litre Kitchen Bin

  • Motion sensor activated – Opens and closes automatically
  • Brushed stainless steel – Fingerprint smear & smudge Proof
  • Bag retaining ring – Allows the use of any bin liner and No Ugly Hangover
  • Slimline tapered design – Easy Bag change 
  • Manual override - Open and close buttons
  • Power saving Sensors - Long battery life
  • Stylish Design – elegant and sleek Look
  • Height: 906mm (with lid open), 686mm (with lid closed)
  • Depth: 372mm; Width 265mm
  • Gross Weight: 4.90kg
Manufacturer NineStars


Customer Reviews

Great customer service
I visited the stand at the Grand Designs Show today and wanted to order a new lid for my 50 litre bin, I explained what I required and was busy telling prospective customers at the stand what great service this company offers with replacement parts. The very nice agents manning the stand, kindly offered me the replacement lid from their stock on the stand and didn't charge me for it, even though I offered to pay for it. Great work guys and thank you once again Review by Lesley
Absolutely fantastic
Previously purchased a Nastech bin over 8 years ago and it was brilliant so decided to purchase another.The company were extremely helpful about delivery (it was just before Christmas and had been snowing heavily)nothing was too much trouble.I wouldnt be without my bin it looks good, its hygienic as you never have to touch the bin when opening,it looks great and it always surprises people when it opens on its own. Would recommend the company and the product to anybody. Review by Shopaholic
Pretty Good
Really love this bins idea and so far hasnt let me down but I do sometimes get impatient with it not opening quick enough at times and my dogs terrified of it but the quality is excellent and a good size. The bags are held in place well with the rim inside and not too fiddly to change bags which I thought it might be. Overall, Im very happy, dog wants it in another room! Review by Rebecca Tapsell
Well made, operates well, good battery life & is much better value for money than some other similar bins I have looked at.
Just wished it was a bit bigger!
2 Year Review. The auto opening gave up the ghost long ago & I now have had to develop a system of semi manual opening. I only keep it because it is so easy to change the bag. Don't expect the auto opening to last & contrary to my earlier comment it eats batteries (when it's operating). Review by Mr. Brian E. Wotton
Wheres' ya bin?
arrived promptly, well packaged - so no dents, looks good for a bin, stays cleaner than the swing bin as the monsters actually put things in the bin as distinct from aiming at the bin, batteries last well despite it popping open to greet you at every opportunity - wouldn't put it anywhere near a door - might drive you mad, I'd recommend using swing bin liners with the tie handles, they are long enough to catch around the securing ring and reach to the bottom of the bin, if you use budget bin liners that are a little shorter, I'm sure you'll regret it! Good product that brings a touch of humour to the mundane. Review by to be or not to be
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