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The 40L Mirage double compartment kitchen bin, ideal for family kitchens and people concerned with daily recycling, the automatic sensor bin opens to reveal two x 20L twin buckets, for use with food waste, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass bottles and other recycling needs.

Constructed from premium 430-grade stainless steel, offering anti rust corrosion resistance, this motion sensor waste recycling bin is ideal for use in humid kitchen, bathroom and laundry environments.

The rectangular design with all 4 sides flat, will sit cozily against walls, kitchen cabinets or at an end of an island. The inner compartments are hardened ABS plastic containers that can be easily removed and rinsed avoiding any unpleasant odours.  

The Inner Pail buckets also contain a plastic bag fixing hole which allows liner bags to be secured tightly, avoiding that ‘lost liner bag’ and ugly bag overhang scenario.

It's a smart waste disposable, which means it helps you keep your environment hygienic, clean and tidy. It has has a built-in motion sensor that detects movement and automatically opens the lid of the bin, allowing for hands touch free operation, reducing cross contamination around the home and office environment. The touch switch panel indicates a 5-second countdown prior to automatic soft closing.

Should you wish, the double compartment kitchen bin can also be operated in ‘manual mode’ using the ‘open’ and ‘close’ buttons - battery power is still required for this. The motion sensor on this bin requires 6 x AA type of good quality batteries, giving around 20,000 open/close operations. Batteries are not included.

All our Autobins uses the latest technology in the dampers on their soft-close lids to give a quality feel. The graduated closing speed, achieves faster closing, without sacrificing the soft-close effect.

Specifications & Features


• Quality stainless steel with brushed finish to make it smear & smudge proof
• Touch screen Digital Status/Mode display. Manual override
• Removable inner twin buckets (2 x 20L) for kitchen recycling
• Takes 6 x AA batteries to operate the lid, batteries not included
• Bag retaining ring (included) so that the bin can be used without the bucket giving you an extra 20 litres capacity
• Large capacity double compartment kitchen bin featuring two 20 Litre, strong, rigid, removable polypropylene liners with integrated plastic bag fixer
• Easy clean, fingerprint-resistant finish
• Skid-resistant base ensures the bin stays firmly in place during use
• Integrated extra-strong rear handle for easy lifting
• Bi-force damper system on the lid provides a graduated closing speed, achieving faster closing without sacrificing the soft-close effect
• Constructed from 430-grade stainless steel - excellent corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use in humid kitchen and bathroom environments


• Height when Open: 920mm
• Height when closed: 655mm
• Depth.: 270mm
• Width: 4600mm

Manufacturer EKO


Customer Reviews

So innovative
Didn’t know I needed it until I found it. I’m so glad there are already items like this which make things easier, nowadays everything should feature this kind of technology, I mean, is the 21st century!! Review by NancyM
double twin compartment kitchen bin
I think it is really helpful and makes everything easier, is there any other design with recycling compartment but bigger? Review by J.J.L.
Just Wow
What a nice item, it really is what my kitchen needed. The design goes well with everything and the automatic lid is so impressive, it easily deserves five stars!!! Review by Marion
Neat design
Both compartments are equally useful, I don’t have to worry anymore about where should I dispose my recycling. Also the motion sensor is super innovative, such a great double twin compartment kitchen bin, thanks guys! Review by SarahPS
I came to your Double Compartment Kitchen Bin | EKO Mirage | Autobin page and noticed you could have a lot more traffic. I have found that the key to running a website is making sure the visitors you are getting are interested in your subject matter. We can send you targeted traffic and we let you try it for free. Get over 1,000 targeted visitors per day to your website. Check it out here: Unsubscribe here: Review by Sarah Carlson
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